WSI is one of the leading Digital Marketing companies in the world. We have massive international presence with a large Consultant network and local offices in over 80 countries, covering all the continents. We are headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.

History and culture– WSI was founded in 1995 during the infancy of the internet. As the internet evolved, we have grown and evolved with it. Our offerings started with web development and have expanded to include all the different realms of marketing through the internet like SEO, PPC, Social media, web and mobile apps, responsive design, content and video marketing and so on. If it helps you win customers online, we do it! Our success has been mainly due to the fact that we have been very quick to adapt to the changing digital landscape and help our client use the latest and the cutting edge digital strategies to beat their competition. We have an outstanding culture of support within the network and that helps everyone perform to the best of oneself, ultimately to the advantage of our clients.

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